Five Reasons Sesame Oil is Magic for Your Lips

Five Reasons Sesame Oil is Magic for Your Lips

It took years for Míage to develop a waterless formula for petal-soft, high-glow lips, but only seconds for us to fall in love with one of our key ingredients: Sesame Oil. Here are five reasons we’ve replaced water with Sesame Oil in our Bloom La Milpa Lip Treatment:

1. It’s a natural protectant.

Sesame Oil forms a natural barrier on your lips that can help protect against damaging pollutants and even ultra-violet rays.

2. It’s rich in antioxidants.

 Studies have shown that when applied topically, Sesame Oil may reduce cell damage by inhibiting certain compounds known to produce DNA damaging free radicals.

3. It can speed the healing sunburns, cracks, sores, and wounds.

Whether you are dealing with a cold sore, cracked lips, a bad sunburn, or even an injection site wound, Sesame Oil’s potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to speed up healing time and have also been shown to stimulate collagen production at the site of the wound.

4. It’s the queen of moisturizers.

Sesame Oil is a thicker oil that is able to penetrate deep down to hydrate lips from the inside out, and because of its high linoleic acid content, it is incredibly softening too.

5. It gives lips an instantly healthy glow.

 Because of its viscous texture, Sesame Oil works double-time below the skin’s surface and superficially. The result is a natural high-glow look that produces a light-reflecting shine without appearing artificially glossy. Basically, if the effortless Parisian aesthetic was an oil, it would be Sesame Oil.

Want to experience the benefits of Sesame Oil yourself? Try Míage’s Bloom La Milpa Lip Treatment now.