What Is RIT-5, And How Can It Radically Improve Your Skin?

What Is RIT-5, And How Can It Radically Improve Your Skin?

RIT-5 is Miage Skincare's patented skincare technology that improves skin through compression, penetration, activation, and regenerative restoration. But what does this mean, exactly? And how is it different from other skincare products on the market?

Common Problems

Damaging. Most skincare brands and technologies underestimate how small the skin's pores truly are. As a result, their serums, oils, emulsions, and moisturizers often contain compounds that are far too big for the skin to absorb comfortably. 

Shallow. Some skincare technologies will focus exclusively on external issues. Their products are specifically formulated to address the visible symptoms of aging and/or damaged skin, such as dryness, rough patches, fine lines and wrinkles.

Dated. Most established skincare brands have a tried, tested, and proven approach to their products. They rarely - if ever - change, modify, or update their formulas, choosing to stick to what they know works.



The RIT-5 Difference


Delicate. Miage Skincare's RIT-5 technology ensures that all compounds and ingredients are compressed for easy penetration and sure absorption.


Cutting-Edge. And, lastly, our components are chosen and processed according to the latest studies and research. RIT-5 is cutting-edge and constantly evolving, ensuring it utilizes the latest dermatological breakthroughs.


RIT-5 products are gentle, lightweight, and silky-smooth. They are also scientifically formulated to deliver clean, visible, and long-lasting results, every time.


The Foundation of RIT-5: 4 Corners, 4 Components


There are four principles of RIT-5 technology: compression, penetration, activation, and restoration. These four principles guarantee smooth, supple, and healthy skin that's plump and glows from within.


Miage Skincare's isotonic technology compresses the product's nutrients and compounds into a form optimal for total cell absorption. This allows the nutrients to evenly penetrate the skin barrier without forcing the pores open (potentially causing more damage).

Regenerative restoration is the best way to address current skin conditions and other environmental and/or external oxidants. It was this focus on regeneration and restoration that led Miage Skincare to choose the following signature ingredients.


  • Cactus A potent compound that known for its superior regenerative powers, enhancing skin revitalization.


  • Sesamumindicum (sesame) seed oil. Incredibly nourishing and hydrating–a must for youthful, glowing skin. 
  • Gentiana scabra root extract. A powerful antioxidant capable of combating the signs of aging and oxidative damage, this herb is well-known for its restorative properties.
  • Portulaca oleracea extract. A deceptively simple succulent capable of restoring, repairing, healing, and harmonizing the skin, keeping it plump and pretty.


RIT-5 For Everyone


Everyone is unique. Bodies, hair, nails, skin—they all react differently depending on the person's unique chemical composition. This is why we have a wide range of products with different formulations.

And regardless of the difference in ingredients and processes, RIT-5 technology allows these products to penetrate, activate, and restore different skin types in the same way.

This is a step towards the future of skincare. We recognize that people deserve bespoke solutions tailored to their specific needs, and we firmly believe RIT-5 technology is a major player in leading this customization.