Three Steps to Petal-Soft Lips All Summer Long

Three Steps to Petal-Soft Lips All Summer Long

Step 1. Get to know your lips and why they act the way they do.

Ever wonder why your lips are so darn susceptible to cracking and dryness? That’s because your lips function differently from the rest of your skin on your face. For one thing, your lips do not come equipped with oil glands. While the rest of the skin on your body (minus the palms of your hands and the bottoms of your feet) happily reaps the moisturizing benefits of these naturally oil-producing glands, our lips are on their own. To make matters even more delicate, the lips are made of the thinnest skin on your body, which makes them extra susceptible to sun damage and other environmental stressors.


Step 2. Identify and eradicate any potential irritants.

Now that you’ve learned just how vulnerable your lips can be, it’s time to assess any potential culprits that may further damage, dry, or dull your pucker. First, let’s talk summer weather. The hot sun and dryer weather can lead to blisters, cracking, and excessive drying, so it’s always important to keep lips protected from summer rays with a protective lip product. Our Bloom La Milpa Lip Treatment is infused with high quality sesame oil, which provides natural SPF and an intensive dose of moisture. Other summer habits, like poolside cocktails and cold brew coffee can also contribute to excessive dryness, so it’s always best to sip responsibly…with a reuseable straw. Finally, stop licking your lips! That’s right, water (your own saliva included) can actually be extremely drying to lips.


Step 3. Hit them with a waterless lip treatment.

At the end of a long summer day, reach for a waterless overnight lip treatment like Míage’s Bloom La Milpa Lip Treatment. When applied before bed, this anhydrous multifunctional conditioning gloss sends a surge of moisture and nutrients to your kisser, helping them to heal from any daytime damage. For even more protection (and a healthful glow), we recommend using Bloom throughout the day as well.