How I am Getting Soft Kissable Lips

Hi, everyone! I am so happy this morning because my grandchildren are here for the weekend! It’s so fun to wake up and have my favorite five and seven-year-old here. I love listening to what they come up with because they are both so funny! We had a family dinner last night (grown-ups only) at our favorite sushi restaurant. Tonight, we have the kids without their parents, and tomorrow night, another family dinner (with kids). I will be giving lots of kisses over the weekend and thank goodness that my lips are smooth as silk thanks to a new product I have been introduced to, called Bloom La Milpa Lip Treatment by Miage.

Bloom is a La Milpa Lip Treatment does so much more than hydrate your lips – it’s a healing treatment, too. I didn’t know what La Milpa was when I received the product, and if any of you know, then I am incredibly impressed! La Milpa is a cactus juice. What is interesting is that Miage is the first skincare line to entirely forgo water and bring into play, the effectiveness of isotonic La Milpa cactus juice and micro-molecule nutrient formulas. This works in osmosis with your skin to heal, nourish, and pamper your skin.

This Lip Treatment gloss can be used overnight as a lip mask (which I have been doing), worn as a gloss, or worn over your favorite lip color. You can feel it work instantly, especially if your lips are chapped, dry, or dry. Bloom has a light-reflecting soft pink tint and a tiny bit of shimmer that makes your lips look and feel healthier and look instantly more youthful and smoother. It smells like vanilla cake icing (to me) and makes my lips feel like I took a bite of a Peppermint Patty!  I keep one by my bed and one in my purse! Someone else thinks it smells and tastes pretty good too!

Bloom by Miage retails for $39, and I am so excited to tell you that if you want to try it, you can get 15% off with code: CATHY15. Yay! Your lips will thank you!


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