Why Waterless Lip Gloss?

Why Waterless Lip Gloss?

We believe in mindful beauty, not only in our philosophy and intentions, but also in our formulas.

And it just so happens, water and lip products have no business mingling.

Míage has chosen an anhydrous (that’s a fancy word for water-free) solution for our Bloom La Milpa Lip Treatment for three key reasons:

 1. It’s better for your lips.

While water is deeply hydrating when drunk, it can actually have the opposite effect when placed atop your lips.

Water left behind on the lips will evaporate, leading to dryness and cracking.

And yet, water (or “aqua”) continues to plague the ingredient list of most lip colors, glosses, balms, and treatments!

A waterless formula, like Bloom’s, will make room for a richer and more hydrating ingredient formulation.

 2. It’s better for your wallet. 

Because a water-free lip formula will do more to condition and nourish your lips, you won’t need to continuously reapply it in order to counteract the drying caused by water-based lip products.

This also means you’ll get more bang (and more beneficial ingredients) for your buck.

3. It’s better for the planet.

By 2025, nearly 2 billion people are expected to be living with water scarcity. Even with those numbers, the beauty and skincare industries are notorious for pumping their products full of water, much to their customers’ and the planet’s detriment.

Bloom has replaced water with the intensely healing benefits of Sesame Oil, which means a little goes a long way—another huge boon for the planet, since you’ll cut down on packaging waste!

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