What is Isotonic Skincare and Why is it Important

What is Isotonic Skincare and Why is it Important

Míage is proud to be revealing America’s first waterless isotonic skincare line! What’s so special about “isotonic” skincare, you ask? Allow us to break it down:

In skincare, “isotonic” refers to a solution that works in osmosis with your healthy skin’s cells. This means active ingredients are able to pass through to your skin cells naturally, and without causing harm.

In contrast, skincare formulas that are not isotonic (i.e. hypotonic) don’t do such a great job of respecting the size and shape of your skin cells. In fact, they often force their water-based solutions into cells, causing cell deformation or even cell death.

At Míage, we are all about harmony…even at the cellular level.

Míage’s isotonic solutions are composed from carefully-extracted La Milpa cactus juice. These micromolecule formulas are able to penetrate skin much more efficiently than water-based products, and because they are also isotonic, they are able to match the natural environment of your skin cells, making it easier to deliver our regenerative nutrient blends.

See the results for yourself! These photos are taken only one week apart!


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