Miage Skincare’s 5 Must-Have Products to Awaken Your Best Skin

Miage Skincare’s 5 Must-Have Products to Awaken Your Best Skin

With the increasingly busy lives we lead, its important now more than ever to come back to the present moment and embrace our true essence. Making your skincare routine a ritual is a wonderful way to transform your daily beauty practices into meaningful and intentional time that you spend with yourself. Having a dedicated time and space to care for your body, with products that you enjoy and that nourish your skin, while taking the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with yourself morning and night is essential. At Miage Skincare, we exist to bring you a luxury skincare line that will assist you in cultivating a sense of mindfulness and self-care in your daily life, whilst also awakening to your best skin, now. Let’s dive into the science of Miage Skincare and our 5 must-have products.


The Miage Skincare Difference

After extensive research, Miage Skincare was founded by Dr. Xu. With an emphasis on hope and renewal, our line of skincare products not only consistently repairs damaged skin, but also have incredible antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits due to the healing and transformative power of our exceptional ingredients and products. In a league of our own, we lead our industry with innovative technologies that optimize your complexion like a magic elixir.


Our RIT-5 Technology

We’ve developed a high-performance skin renewal complex that reaches the deepest layers of the skin’s dermis. The cutting-edge isotonic RIT-5 technology compresses vital skin-saving nutrients that are delivered and absorbed directly to the compromised skin cells where they can be instantly activated. Our innovation enables a rich and restorative blend of plant-positive potions to restore, repair and revitalize your skin for visible signs of anti-ageing results.


How RIT-5 Works

The technology works by compression of nutrients into a form that is optimal for cell absorption. The rich blend of reparative ingredients then penetrates the dermis to the damaged skin cells at which time they are then activated for restoration, curative and anti-ageing affects.

RIT-5 Key Ingredients

The four key ingredients include Sesame Seed Oil which nourishes, conditions, hydrates, and heals the skin. Cactus Extract boosts cell growth for superior regenerative powers. Gentiana Scabra Root Extract is a perennial herb prized for its medicinal and restorative properties, as well as its powerful antioxidant prowess that defends against free radical damage. And lastly, Portulaca Oleracea Extract is a succulent plant that provides anti-allergen qualities and restores, repairs, heals, and harmonizes the skin, leaving it beautifully balanced, bright, and bouncy.


AWAKENED– The Isotonic Eye Elixir




Awaken to a newfound awareness and energy, as if you’re awakening from a slumber. Our Awakened Isotonic Eye Elixir will revitalize tired or dull skin and bring it back to life. The anti-ageing all-in-one eye purification elixir is a lightweight serum that brightens and moisturizes your under-eye area, leaving it firmer and lifted, reduces under eye-puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles as well as increasing elasticity for a plump and youthful look.


Suitable for all skin types, it leverages our proprietary RIT-5 skin renewal complex as well as featuring Vitamin E, Olive Fruit Oil and Probiotics. With the cooling wand, gently place a small amount of the elixir onto your eye area with gentle sweeping and circular motions.


BLOOM – La Milpa Lip Treatment




Bloom like a flower opening into full beauty and vibrancy. Our Bloom La Milpa Lip Treatment will help your lips bloom into their full potential and look radiant and healthy. With a delicate light pink hue for a healthy and glossy appearance, the lip treatment exfoliates old skin cells and moisturizes the lips eliminating fine lines. Your lips will feel decadently softer, smoother and look delightfully rejuvenated.


Suitable for all skin types, it can be either layered with your lipstick for a boost of hydration or can be used as an overnight treatment to nourish dry, chapped or cracked lips when lathered thick to wake up looking extra kissable.


CLARITY – The Purifying Wash




Clarity for a clear, pure, and focused state of mind along with your skin. Our Clarity Purifying Wash will help to clarify your skin, leaving it feeling clean, pure, and free from impurities. The cream cleanser with micro-molecule nutrient formula features our RIT-5 Skin Renewal Complex, a revolutionary, proprietary blend of consummate, beautifying botanicals, vitamins, nutrients, and essential extracts that deeply imbue the skin on a molecular level,

ensuring uncompromised product efficacy and long-lasting, luminous results – both instantly and over time. Perfect to purify skin after wearing makeup, the cleanser rich in amino acids, Vitamin E and Sesame Seed Oil, amongst others, is gentle and non-irritating while controlling oil and balancing skin texture.


Suitable for all skin types, it cleanses without drying the skin to de-congest pores whilst remaining nourished and balanced. Simply massage into damp skin, rinse, and then pat dry. You can also use in conjunction with a cleansing brush to remove makeup.


INVOKE – The Night Cream




Invoke your inner essence, calling forth the innate love you hold in your heart. Our Invoke Night Cream will help to invoke a healthy glow from within, bringing out your natural beauty. Leveraging our RIT5 for deep-level repair of your skin, the isotonic technology is designed to stimulate dormant skin cells while you sleep by ensuring safe compression of vital nutrients and skin-saving ingredients that hydrate, heal, perfect, and protect your skin. Our Invoke Night Cream accelerates renewal and regenerates your skin for ultimate hydration while enhancing skin texture, brightening skin, and repairing long-term damage for a healthier complexion.


Suitable for all skin types, massage a thin layer onto your cleansed skin for overnight healing and rejuvenation, or apply as an intensive cream mask treatment with a generous layer for 10 minutes, then massaging the remaining cream into your skin.


MANIFEST – The Day Lotion




Manifest your dream skin into your tangible reality. Our Manifest Day Lotion will help you to achieve your desired skin outcome, such as rejuvenated and healthy-looking skin. This silky light lotion is designed for everyday use to moisturize and hydrate your skin whilst stabilizing your skin barrier and protecting it from environmental aggressors. Featuring our RIT5 proprietary technology, it supports healthy skin cells and allows for optimum absorption of nutrients to enhance skin elasticity and firmness, rescue skin issues such as enlarged pores and provides essential antioxidants for anti-ageing results.


Suitable for all skin types, massage a small amount in gentle circular motions to support your luminous complexion all day long.


We are excited for you to experience the Miage Skincare difference for radiance, nourishment, and luminescence, as well as to foster a beautiful daily ritual to care for your skin. Shop our luxury anti-ageing skincare line on our website https://miageskin.com/with Free Standard Shipping to the US. Also, remember to join the My Miage loyalty program to enjoy 15% off your first purchase.