Best Lip Treatment to Reverse 2020-Level Summer

Best Lip Treatment to Reverse 2020-Level Summer Damage

Every summer our lips are exposed to a harsh environment that may leave them vulnerable to cracks, damage, and dryness. However, 2020 has added yet another potential threat to lip health: protective face masks.

With more consistent wearing of face masks comes less consistent lip protection and nutrition. We are less likely to apply (and reapply) hydrating formulas and more likely to get into the bad habit of licking our lips for (seemingly) quick moisturization. What many people do not know, however, is lip licking is one of the main culprits causing your dry and dull lips. What’s more: the humidity produced beneath your face mask can cause yet more water to evaporate from your lips, only further drying out your pucker in the process.

So, how can we combat both the drying effects of record-breaking summer weather and our protective masks? BLOOM La Milpa Lip Treatment.

This waterless dual-action lip gloss can be worn overnight as a lip mask or throughout the day as a high-glow conditioning gloss. Because of its 100% waterless formula, you will find you need to reapply much less than you would with a “watered down” lip treatment and it won’t rub off in a sticky mess on your protective face covering either.

The key is Míage’s deeply nourishing sesame oil-enhanced formula, which works to re-hydrate and heal dry and damaged lips the moment you apply it and continues to work while you sleep. It can even help naturally protect from UV rays. 

Look, BLOOM La Milpa Lip Treatment may not have originally been developed to nurture lips from daily protective face mask-wearing, but if the lip mask fits…wear it and wear it well.