Awakened <br/> The Isontonic Eye Elixir <br/>  <i>Awaken sleeping stem cells</i>

The Isontonic Eye Elixir
Awaken sleeping stem cells

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Awaken sleeping stem cells


Introducing the first eye product to leverage isotonic absorption technology. This waterless, La Milpa Cactus-infused eye elixir is able to melt deeper below the skin’s surface to awaken sleeping stem cells and attune delicate skin to its optimum health. The ultra-concentrated solution sends a surge of nutrients directly to skin cells, igniting intense hydration and microcirculation to reveal an external brightening that blooms from deep within.

Eye Elixir

How to use

Be present. Using the Míage’s cooling jade applicator, gently place a small amount of the elixir onto the eye area. Using gentle sweeping and circular motions, begin to awaken stem cells and stimulate deep microcirculation.