Míage is the first luxury skincare line to blend isotonic nutrient delivery, human stem cell science, and micro-molecule formulas. However, Míage is not only modern in its formulas, but also in its philosophy: skincare that asks us to stop looking to the past for our optimum complexion and be present


In the last decade, scientific research has revealed our skin is rich with dormant stem cells or “potential regeneration cells.” Míage’s waterless skincare line works in osmosis with your skin to successfully deliver key nutrients capable of awakening those dormant stem cells and unlocking your complexion’s fullest healing potential.


Our legend took bloom in a small, lesser-known region of Mexico, where a very rare and unique cacti varietals grows. Surging just beneath its prickled skin is a nutrient-dense potion capable of replicating the precise isotonic environment in which healthy skin thrives.

Now lovingly grown in groves where the cacti may reach their fullest potential, Míage developed a protocol for extracting its juice in a way which preserves all nutrients naturally, and without the use of extraction solvents. This is the basis for our proprietary La Milpa Cactus solution, which establishes the ideal environment for epidermal stem cells to come alive.


Míage is the first luxury skincare line to replace water with isotonic La Milpa Cactus juice and micro-molecule nutrient blends.

In removing water from its formulas, Míage has not only made room for a richer and more meaningful ingredient list, but it has also paved the way for a more deeply penetrating skincare product that is able to travel much further than the macro-molecule water-based products currently available.