Invoke <br/>The Night Cream <br/> <i>Awaken dormant stem cells…while you sleep</i>

The Night Cream
Awaken dormant stem cells…while you sleep

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Awaken dormant stem cells…while you sleep


A one-of-a-kind waterless formula, this dual-purpose night cream and mask touts a micro-molecule nutrient formula that allows active ingredients to effortlessly and naturally penetrate skin at the deepest possible cellular level. Infused with Miage’s proprietary isotonic La milpa cactus solution, the cream naturally invokes dormant stem cells to come to life. With these living stem cells activated, new collagen and elasticity begins to build, forming a matrix of healthy, happy cells that function at their optimum capacity, right now.

Night Cream

How to use

Be present. Using Miage’s cooling jade applicator, massage a thin layer onto clean skin to ignite deep isotonic absorption and invoke overnight activation of dormant stem cells. For a more intensive cream mask treatment, apply a generous layer to clean skin and let infuse for 10 minutes. Massage remaining cream into skin.